EN MediPart is dedicated to making life easier for our customers. Therefore, we help you with the following information and tasks:

Weekly updates about raw materials.
This enables you to explain the volatility of the glove prices, as well as giving you documentation for a price negotiation

Technical files
We make sure that you have all the relevant information to affix the CE to your product. We also make sure that it is updated if there are new standards or change in legislations. This gives you comfort to know that what you are selling is well documented, and do follow the current standards and legislation

We are present
We are present both in Asia as well as in Europe. This means that we can easily and fast go and check up with the manufacturers and make inspections on outgoing containers, whenever it is needed. Our presence in Europe gives you the comfort that you have fast and easy access to help both with your customers, if they have special requests, and also sales training for your sales team. The training will always be made relevant for the customers you are mainly selling to

We keep you updated
Whenever there is news from the Industry we make sure that you are updated and informed. This means that you have the time to work on the relevant tasks for your customers, and do not need to use time to search for news and updates.

We develop with our customers
Whenever you get new requests from your customers, we come with suggestions for either products or tests to meet the request. We make sure that you can meet your customers’ requirements, and help you explain the possibilities.